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“The ultimate stops bleeding product for everyone, including your children. Don’t look any further. Every person needs to have this product.”

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FDA Approved

Scientifically Proven To Stop Arterial Bleeding

Clinically Proven

Clinical Study on Cut Arteries

Peer Reviewed

Published in Major Medical Journal

Non-Stinging, Soothing

Brings Calm to a Frightening Situation

Sterile, Safe Staying

Works on the Worst Cuts or Wounds

Works Despite Blood Thinners

Great for People on Blood Thinners

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“My son, Alexander, cut an artery in his leg; thank God we had StopsBleeding™. The bleeding stopped in seconds. His panic and fear turned to calm and relief in a matter of moments. We were able to drive to the Emergency Room without stress. Only as a parent would you understand my feeling of gratitude. It was amazing.”

– Patrick, Houston TX



Available to consumers at affordable prices, StopsBleeding™ has revolutionized First Aid for bleeding injuries forever. There has never been anything like it before.

How to Use

Pour onto or pack into any bleeding wound generously. Apply pressure, and wait for the bleeding to stop. Proven to stop the bleeding in an otherwise lethal artery cut or laceration.

An absolute must for patients on blood thinners.

Be Prepared

Works extraordinarily for people on blood thinners. Accidents are going to happen and, in today’s current environment, traumatic experiences can occur almost anywhere. Imagine if StopsBleeding™ were to be available to everyone at the next public, tragic event.

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