StopsBleeding™ Applications & Uses:

At Home
• More effective than bandages or gauze
• Safe & effective for those on blood thinning medications
• Keep on hand during outdoor activities, in your vehicle, etc.

Schools & Businesses
• Offers peace of mind in areas of large groups
• Easy & safe to apply to any size or depth of wound
• Ideal sized pouch for in a motorized vehicle, first aid kit, backpack or purse
Public Events
• Relieves panic and chaos caused by bleeding injuries
• Quick, safe & easy to apply when time is critical
• Provides quick & effective response for mass injuries
StopsBleeding™ is FDA Approved for the following:

StopsBleeding™ Hemostat Powder

is indicated for use as a topical dressing for the temporary treatment of moderate to severely bleeding (TRAUMA -emphasis supplied) wounds such as surgical wounds (post-operative, donor sites, dermatological), cuts and lacerations and also for the control of bleeding from the skin at percutaneous needle access, vascular access and percutaneous catheter access sites.

Directions For Use

1. Tear open package

2. Generously pack StopsBleeding™ onto or into the wound

3. Apply pressure, wait for bleeding to stop

4. Apply bandage or wound dressing, seek medical attention if necessary

*Safe to leave in all wounds


While external bleeding from injury is not a ‘natural’ occurrence, the body’s ability to form a clot is natural.The process the body uses to naturally form clots is called the “CoAgulation cascade”. When tissue is exposed and blood is present, platelets are activated by contact with collagen found in the surrounding tissue and they begin to stick together. These platelets then interact with a variety of proteins to create Fibrin. Fibrin is the main component of what is generally referred to as a stable clot, or more commonly a “scab”. A scab is formed in the case of long-term exposure to air.

StospBleeding™ comes in a safe, natural, plant-based powder that works WITH the body to accelerate the CoAgulation process and form a stable clot. It does this by accelerating the natural drying process at the wound site and by concentrating the vital nutrients (proteins & platelets, etc.) that the body uses to naturally form a clot.


•  It forms a clot in seconds
•  It is safe, quick, convenient & causes no pain or discomfort (soothing)
•  The StopsBleeding™ powder will conform to all shapes & sizes of wounds
•  It improves the body’s natural ability to form a clot & accelerates healing
•  It is affordably priced for every individual and organization to keep in ready-supply

Volume Pricing Available!

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